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Covenants abroad.

  • Escuela Superior de Gastronomía, Hostelería y Turismo - Toledo.

    NebrijaOn December 18, 2015, the Center of Education and Research Interccursos Ltda through Dr. Clara Ester Ayzemberg and the Higher School of Gastronomy and Hotel of Toledo, Spain, through by Mr. Don. Manuel Conde Perezagua Director/Manager, signed a collaboration agreement, this agreement confirmed the mutual cooperation between the parties on development projects and instruction, research, among others.

  • Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa.

    UALOn May 19th, 2015 the Center of Education and Research Interccursos through Dra. Clara Ester Ayzemberg and the Autonomous University of Lisbon, through Dr. Anthony Lancastre Bernardo and Dr. Reginaldo Rodrigues de Almeida signed a collaboration agreement. In this agreement was confirmed the mutual cooperation in the development of projects and teaching, research, among others.

  • Universidad De Huelva - Spain.

    HuelvaOn July 1, 1993 becomes independent, the first rector was Dr Ramirez de Verger, and the current rector Professor Dr Francisco Jose Martinez Lopez. Read more about the University of Huelva accessing the site.

  • Prof. Francisco Martín Fernández - Spain.

    Huelva Learn more about the Francisco Martín.

  • Universidad De Nebrija - Spain.

    NebrijaLocalized in Madrid, Spain, the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija is defined as an independent institution of higher education, with international projection and at the same time, very compromised with their natural and social economic environment. Read more about the University of Nebrija accessing the site.


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